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Evolve Build are excellent to work with, they are understanding of the issues and provide great direction to help achieve our goals. - Padrick Goodwin / client

Quality Management

Evolve has a solid and integrated Quality System (based on the Business Excellence Framework) which incorporates a Continuous Improvement Strategy. This provides a mechanism for Evolve to continually improve its services ensuring clients are the recipient of best practice and the highest standard of services pertaining to Construction projects.

Evolve has a quality management framework that enables it to have strategic understanding of the operating environment and ensures we understand the current and future needs of our clients. It also ensures we are focussed on continuous improvement, of which, the benefits for our clients include innovation, quality and best practice in the services we provide.

One key element of the frame work is customer/client focus. This means we are committed to nurturing and building client relationships, ensuring a positive customer/client experience and facilitating and acting on customer feedback.

Any issues raised will be recorded into the Evolves continuous improvement registered. Issues are addressed by the Evolves management team and actions taken to improve systems and processes to rectify issues.

The quality management system is based on the Business Excellence Framework and importantly is integrating our leadership and management systems so that we can sustain excellence in our line of work.

Key to this is a Performance Measurement Plan. This is linked to Corporate Strategy and Annual Business Plan. Key performance indicators include financial, customer, processes and systems and human resources.

As mentioned early Evolve focus is achieving excellent results for our clients and as such the client relationship management plan is tailored to the specific needs of a client and KPI’s linked to this. This may include measures as already noted above and include